Hello. Goodbye. 2013.

I know its been a few days since I have last posted (sorry y’all) and I had a humongous post planned to make up for it but I guess that will never surface.. it exists I swear. This year has been a hectic roller coaster ride for me and by roller coaster I don’t mean Jeepers type roller coaster, I mean Kingda Ka 12 times type up and down roller coaster. A lot has happened in my life since New Years Day 2013, but instead of recapping the year by event I will do a mini comparison of myself (plus I cannot remember all of it):


  • Jobless.
  • Broke.
  • Tiny 135 lbs.


  • NG employed.
  • Not broke.
  • Survivor of the nonexistant Cicada Attack.
  • Became a gym mouse
  • Co-creater of the greatest Youtube channel KFCSBTTADEDKTADGAFLLBBLSBFBproductions Ferwangatang.
  • Conqueror of Shenandoah Mountain.
  • Flew on a plane with only friends.
  • OBXCrew Member
  • Was granted the Indian nickname of “Runs with Bulls”
  • Became a Tough Mudderer..er?
  • Visited the most magical place on earth.
  • Played my last Turkeybowl ever.
  • Relationship reached lucky number 7
  • Fantasy League Champion in 2/4 leagues.
  • Ending the year as a fatty 180 lbs.

Looking at this comparison, I feel content with the direction my life is going. At times I feel like I am wasting away but leave it to a blog post to bring everything into perspective. I guess I should blog more…

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Fathers out there who have been there for their kids in one way or another whether physically, mentally, or spiritually. Happy Father’s Day to the Fathers who want to be with their kids but are unable to. Happy Father’s Day to the Fathers that have been able to support the bearer of their child. Happy Father’s Day to the Fathers that have acted as Father figures for those who need it. Happy Father’s Day to the Fathers that have raised their children to be able to survive in this crazy world of ours. Happy Father’s Day to Fathers who love their children.

Happy Father’s Day to my Father for not being any of the things I just mentioned. Happy Father’s Day to my Father for never being around. Happy Father’s Day to my Father for leaving me alone with my Mother. Happy Father’s Day to my Father for never teaching me anything. Happy Father’s Day to my Father who was completely absent in my life until I met him for a few hours at 20 years old. Happy Father’s Day to my Father who gave me $200 when he finally saw me and left never to be seen again. Happy Father’s Day to my Father for not instilling his values and moralities in me. Happy Father’s Day to my Father for showing me how to not be a Father.
Fuck you Happy Father’s Day Rizalino Fernandez.

Happy Father’s Day to my Mother, for being everything I needed in my life.

Random Thoughts from this Morning

  • Nelly’s Country Grammar was my jam.
  • Parking right in front of my building?! Whaaatttttttupp!
  • Why didn’t I think of having a hooters-esque (breastaurant?) style froyo place. Genius
  • Hmmmmm. I wish I had a PS4 and XboxOne.
  • Hans. Bastard. He is.
  • Is this my last blog post ever?
  • I think I am going insane.
  • I smell brownies… where are the brownies?!
  • Great the bastards that are trying to take my happiness away is here.
  • LMAO it takes three people to figure out how to find an IP address on a Virtual Machine… noobs.
  • I really really really really really hate dislike Edward Snowden.
  • Crap the bastards are in my section now. I better wrap this up.
  • fuck. my. life.
  • Goodbye my GChat buddies. Forever.

Live Blog: Xbox at E3

Another Live Blog of Microsoft GAMES at E3. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.

Watch it here

12:37 – New MGS Game?! And it’s open world! Look at them graphics.

12:39 – The engine looks crazy. Hellooooooo Quiet.

12:42 – Metal Gear Solid V – The Phantom Pain. I approve.

12:44 – New 360 and its out today?! What? Oh well. I like my 360 as long as it doesn’t RROD.

12:45 – Two Free Game Downloads for Xbox Gold per Month?! They better keep that offer.

12:46 – Woah this looks like Twisted Metal? But with tanks only.. What is this? Not feeling it.

12:49 – Free with Gold? It better be free. Yeah It’s free. I guess I’ll try World of Tanks. As long as it means a continued support for 360.

12:53 – So far I haven’t seen any of the “exclusives” that I was promised. I am pretty sure all of these are gonna be on the PS4 as well. Come on Microsoft. Give me something.

12:56 – Ryse? Probably gonna be a blockbuster hit but..

12:57 – Besides the graphics on these games. I am not “blown away” by any of these. I don’t feel super excited for them. I hope that’s not my age speaking…. #fromthewombtothetombgamertillidie

13:02 – OH MY GOD. NO WAY.

13:03 – KILLER FUCKING INSTINCT. And it looks like a legit fighter!

13:13 – LMAO Minecraft! Haha I was addicted to this before not gonna lie. What the heck is the difference with the Xbox One version?!

13:15 – Quantum Break is Inception in video game form? Woah this game looks kinda cool. Not gonna lie. Or it at least has a decent plot.

13:17 – I’m getting bored. I am hungry. I am too afraid to leave my desk to warm my food since I might miss something epic.

13:19 – Spark looks like that one game… that Arcade game… for XBLA… what was it…

13:20 – From Dust! This game looks like some game I would play. But I don’t want to anymore cause this commentator says things like, “Let’s go buddy” and “Let’s rock and roll”

13:22 – This commentator… I wonder if he has the script written on his hand.

13:23 – I saw Geometry Wars! I would get hype for Geometry Wars 3.

13:24 – The only thing I would make me want to use Smartglass would be if they made it super interactive like a VMU. (Bet none of you even know what a VMU is…)

13:26 – So I can play a game while waiting for matchmaking for a different game?! That’s kinda cool. I guess that would maybe convince me to use Smartglass… maybe.

13:27 – I heard Hadouken… in Killer Instinct.

13:28 – I wonder if I am able to broadcast straight from a stock Xbox One. I didn’t hear. Damn I think I missed it.

13:30 – Panzer Dragoon. I forgot all about that game. I liked that game too.

13:31 – No Sound for the trailer. Haha someone just got fired for that mess up.

13:31 – Deadrising 3. I am not gonna lie I am super excited for an open world zombie game. Too bad I bet this will be on my 360 also so I no real reason to get a One yet.

13:33 – This dude just retardedly threw his wrench at a horde?! You deserve to die for that one.

13:34 – This game looks sick. Deadrising 3 I will buy you for sure.

13:36 – Yup I would play the shit out of this game. …WTF… did he just call in a meteor strike using Smartglass. Way to make it so I HAVE to use Smartglass now. Bastards.. well played… well played…

13:39 – I wish I was on summer vacation so I can just play games all day everyday.

13:42 – Okay dude. Let’s see what gameplay can ONLY be found in Battlefield 4.

13:42 – No Volume again?! Somebody is definitely getting fired. Haha there is an asshole in the crowd. I bet he is drunk. Uh oh I see security walking through. Yup the asshole is getting kicked out.

13:43 – Yay volume! It was getting a little awkward there.

13:47 – So much is happening in this trailer. It reminded me that I don’t think I have seen an exclusive yet for Xbox One… I bet it’s the last game shown.. I bet its…

13:48 – Halo? Yeah Halo I am calling it now its Halo. Or super troll plot twist… Jak and Daxter.

13:50 – Sike sike I am an idiot there have been a lot. Sorry followers. You can unfollow me for my incompetence now. But I bet the last game is still Halo or Jak & Daxter.



13:56 – If this Halo gets good initial feedback, that might be enough for me to get an Xbox One. Halo Fanboy 4 lyfeeee

13:57 – November 2013 – 499$ – Xbox One

13:58 – Oh shit one more exclusive it better be good to be shown after Halo…

13:59 – Titanfall. Ooohhhh a brand new Xbox possible franchise. I am excited. That game’s initial reactions will make or break the Xbox One.

14:03 – This game looks pretty good not gonna lie. It’s like a combination of COD + Mirrors Edge + Mechas + that jetpack game that I can’t remember + Crysis


Factual Fridays #4

I am unsure where this pose originated from but a very popular pose in Filipino culture is the “pogi pose” (where pogi is slang for guwapo meaning handsome in Tagalog). This is a pose where someone sticks out there pointer and thumb under their chin. I have no idea how or why this means handsome but in ASL, no not age/sex/location you 90s monsters I am talking about American Sign Language, it is the sign for Lesbian. So next time you are at a Filipino party and you see some guys pogi posing for a picture, you can reassure yourself that they are probably lesbians.


Holluh at PM for the picture

Lux Aeterna

During this past weekend I had the displeasure of watching a movie that I heard so much about but knew little of. This movie was Requiem for a Dream. I won’t say much about the movie in case you haven’t seen it (plus I am feeling too lazy) but I highly recommend watching this movie. It is artistically directed and has a gut wrenching very possible somewhat relate-able plot with an ending that doesn’t disappoint. Plus it has an amazing soundtrack including the song Lux Aeterna, except now when you hear it all you will think about is this movie, which could be a good or bad thing (damn you PM!).

Requiem for a Dream

Here is a little speech from the movie by the amazing (oscar-robbed) Ellen Burstyn.

It’s a reason to smile, already. It makes tomorrow alright. What have I got, Harry? Why should I even make the bed or wash the dishes? I do them, but why should I? I’m alone. Seymour’s gone, you’re gone, I have no one to take care of. Anybody. Everybody. What do I have? I’m lonely, Harry.

…reading it does the speech no justice. Just watch the movie.

Factual Fridays #3

Recently (as in two days ago), a friend of mine showed me a link of something that I have been doing wrong my whole life. I took this fact with great despair/surprise since I have corrected people, fully confident, that they were wrong and I was right. So I dedicate this FF to all of you and I apologize for my ignorance in this life-changing discovery.

Steve Wilhite

Steve Wilhite, CompuServe CIM and creator of the Graphics Interchange Format (.gif), has finally put an end to the great debate for the pronunciation of the word ‘GIF’. “The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations,” Mr. Wilhite said. “They are wrong. It is a soft ‘G,’ pronounced ‘jif.’ End of story.” The GIF format was invented in 1987 and the pronunciation is based off of the peanut butter brand Jif. Since many CompuServe employees liked to spoof the Jif commercials with their own saying of, “Choosy developers choose GIF”.

Once again world, please accept my humble very sincere apology. I will offer you a series of GIFs to show how sorry I am.
(get it gifts-gifs/jifs! Haha! …Nevermind.. my humor is wasted on you mortals.)

Live Blog: Xbox, A New Generation

At 1300 EST today, Microsoft will be unveiling (hopefully) all the details regarding it’s new gaming console. Once the stream starts up I will be Live Blogging my thoughts/details of the stream here!

Watch it here

12:50 – I hear sounds but no video. Uh oh… please almighty network ruler. Lend my computer the strength and necessities needed to stream.

12:54 – THANK THE LORD. I see video and a countdown! CAN I GET AAAAAAAAAAAA… hot tub.

12:56 – 4 MINUTES -avant.


13:00 – ITS STARTING!!!!

13:01 – I should be in this commercial…

13:03 – Hello Don. Please don’t disappoint me.

13:05 – He said the word, ” fragmented.” I bet augmented reality is true.

13:06 – XBOX ONE?!!!?!!??!?!?!? OMG SEXY.

13:07 – Sorry office for the excessive humping I am doing to my monitor right now.

13:08 – Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme.

13:09 – EXCLUSIVES COME ON. Come onnnnn Halo! Give me a new Halo or something like it.

13:10 – “Xbox On”

13:11 – “Xbox Go Home” ..I wish this command would work on people.

13:12 – All I am thinking about is me playing NBA 2k14 and I am about to shoot a buzzer beater and my mom says the words “I wanna watch TV”


13:14 – Skype + Snap Mode = A hopefully happier girlfriend.

13:15 – Fuck Lebron.

13:17 – I wonder how fast this really transitions…

13:19 – Enough with the features. I want my games and hardware. JUST TELL ME.

13:20 – BLU-RAY YUSSSSSS!!!! THANK YOU BASE GOD. Give me Backwards Compatibility and I am sold! …maybe.

13:22 – Those were some big words homie. Did he just say my Xbox can turn into a ROCKET?!

13:23 – The XBOX ONE can read my heartbeat? Microsoft is gonna blackmail the world with heart control. Play or we stop your heart.

13:25 – Haha I hear my office mate yelling, “please be free” repeatedly [xbox live]

13:27 – Built-in DVR? Did I hear that? It lagged. Someone confirm por favor.

13:28 – Nooooooo. Not EA! I hate EA.

13:30 – LIVE?!!?!?! FUCK NBA LIVE! 2K ALL DAY!

13:31 – I wonder if they gonna show Iverson.
– Lol RG3

13:34 – These graphics aren’t gameplay. I think. Is it?!
– Lmao Super Sice RG3.

13:38 – The white car totes won.

13:39 – I HEARD HALO. Is there Halo!? Give me my new Halo.

13:40 – “The actions you take and choices you make” Haha I thought he was gonna start speaking in a rhyme.

13:41 – What the creepy ass girl.

13:41 – Graphics were cool and all but what is the game even about?

13:42 – Show me the 15 freaking exclusives already!

13:44 – HALO.


13:46 – Spielberg is directing the show? I guess that makes me a little happier. Only a little. Tiny bit.

13:47 – Bye Bonnie.



13:50 – NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.. it’s back now. Woo.

13:51 – Wait why are you thanking me? Is that it?

13:52 – Xbox One release date later this year? That’s a bold move.

13:53 – E3. Why can I not afford you?

13:54 – COD……………

13:55 – Hehe he said duty.

13:56 – Puppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

13:59 – As a non-COD fan, the game looked impressive.

14:01 – Finally some gameplay for something.

14:04 – That trailer was pretty impressive.

I feel a little underwhelmed all in all. I hope they show more and get into further detail at E3. As of right now though, I don’t see any reason to upgrade to an Xbox One… yet.


When Tumblrs Invade — Coming to a Blog Site Near You

About one hour ago (at the time of writing this), Yahoo buys Tumblr for 1.1 Billion dollars. I am not really sure of how this will directly affect the site or how its fuckyeah obey k-pop loving hipster hookahsmoking pornwatching 90skids harrypotterlovingtwilighthating meme reblogger blogger tumlbr..ers are gonna react. But just in case here is your heads up. I hope they don’t invade this and turn WordPress into the “new Tumblr”. Well, I guess each blog is what each blogger makes it but I had a Tumblr which quickly transformed from blog to reblog city once my Dashboard filled with non blog related posts. I guess that is my fault but at least on here there is nothing of the sort to tempt me. I hope it stays that way.YahooTumblrLogos-617x416

Factual Fridays #2

Back in the day when I first got Comcast cable I was super ridiculously excited about having this channel called G4. This channel was ALL video games alldayerrday. It was the best until they decided to go all MTV and now they only show reality shows.. Anyway, there was this interesting show called Icons which did a quick 30 minute bio on an important person in the video game industry spawning the knowledge I know below.

Super Plumber Mario - TeamLando

The creator of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, was originally a graphic designer for a gaming company. The game famous game where Mario is jumping over barrels from Donkey Kong was originally a Popeye game. They lost the license so it was up to Miyamoto to figure something out. All they had to do was replace the spinach with a hammer, Olive with Peach, the big buff guy who’s name I can’t remember with Donkey Kong, and Popeye with Mario. BAM. Also, Mario was originally a carpenter but with the games concept they decided to make him a plumber who is working on clearing the underground pipes of New York. Also Boo, the flying laughing annoying ghost is a character based off of Miyamoto’s wife. He wanted to somehow make her a character and one day his Wife (who is normally quiet and timid) blew up on him for working so much so Boo is a reflection of his wife. When Mario looks at Boo the ghost gets smaller and hides but when he turns away the ghost expands menacingly.